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Privacy & Security Policy

Important Note: This policy applies to resources accessed via the domain. If you access Banzai services via, click here for the applicable Privacy & Security Policy. We recognize the great importance of keeping your personal data private and secure. By using Banzai, you demonstrate a trust in us that we are determined to never violate in any way. We have prepared this Privacy & Security Policy to help you understand what information we collect from you, what we do with it, and how we protect it.

No one can compel us to reveal data which we do not have. For this reason, we limit the information we collect from you.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

Most areas of the Banzai website are designed for the exclusive use of adults. The content in these sections is in no way marketed towards nor intended to be used by children under the age of thirteen and visitors to these areas are required to certify they are aged thirteen or older prior to providing us with any personally identifiable information.

There are, however, a few specially designed sections of our website which we make available for use by visitors under the age of thirteen. Prior to entering one of these sections for the first time, visitors are required to state their age. In the event that a user indicates they are under the age of thirteen, we implement the special safeguards described below to preserve their privacy and ensure that a parent or legal guardian is aware of their use of the site.

Prior to accessing the site, users under the age of thirteen are required to provide the email address of a parent or legal guardian. We immediately send an email to this address informing them of the purpose of the Banzai site, that their child has signed up to use the site, that we will collect no personally identifiable information from their child, and the means by which they can request the permanent removal of the anonymized data we do retain on our servers related to their child's visit.

All under-thirteen visitors to Banzai's site are flagged by our servers in such a way that no personally identifiable information is collected from them. They are blocked from viewing the screens, forms, or fields through which an older visitor to our site might optionally choose to provide such information.

Notwithstanding any other provision of this Policy, Banzai never knowingly collects personal information from any user under the age of thirteen. In the event we discover or are informed that we have inadvertently collected personal information from a user under the age of thirteen, we will permanently delete such information and flag the user's account to prevent any future collection as soon as technically feasible. If you know or suspect any user under the age of thirteen to be using Banzai under pretenses of being thirteen or older, please contact us immediately via email at

Information We Collect

Information You Provide

As you sign up for and use Banzai and its related services, you will be given the opportunity to provide various pieces of information to us. While some of these items may be required to use Banzai, others are optional. You may provide this information to us in a variety of ways, including by interacting with our website, sending us an email or other electronic communication, and so on.

Information We Obtain from Your Web Browser Using Cookies

To improve your user experience, Banzai uses browser cookies as a means of recognizing whether you have visited the site before and, if so, in what capacity. While the contents of these cookies have meaning to us, they contain no information which could be used by anyone else to personally identify you.

Technical Information We Gather When You Visit the Site

Your browser passes certain information to our web servers during every visit, including data concerning the configuration of your computer and network connection and the means by which you are connecting to our site. This data may be recorded in log files stored on our server.

Information You Give to a Site Affiliated with Us

If you provide information to a third-party site with which we have an affiliate relationship, the operators of that site may share that information with us in accordance with their own privacy policy.

How We Use Your Information

As you would expect, we will use the information we collect from you to deliver the services and, if applicable, the products associated with your use of Banzai. We may analyze this information in an effort to make Banzai better, as well as to improve the technical functioning of the system as a whole. From time to time, you may see customized content on your homepage or elsewhere within the site that is based upon our analysis of the information we have collected from you.

If you provide us with your email address, it will be used to deliver information related to your use of Banzai, the status of your account, and may occasionally be used to announce or discuss new and existing features and functionality. See the Information Sharing section below for policies on how third-parties may use your information.

Information Sharing

Banzai may, under certain limited circumstances, share information we collect from you with non-affiliated third parties as described below.

Aggregated and Anonymized Data

Banzai may share user data with non-affiliated third parties in the form of aggregated reports and/or individual data which has been anonymized. Data shared in these forms could be used for compliance, reporting, product development, or marketing purposes.

Personally Identifiable Information

You are visiting Banzai today via our partnership with The Community State Bank. As such, we may share any information we collect through your use of this site, including personally identifiable information, with The Community State Bank for analysis and marketing purposes. Should you, at a later date, visit Banzai through a different partnership this policy will extend to include that partner as well. If, at any point, you are unsure with which partnership we are associating your visit, you may visit this page.

Technical Services

We may provide technical information about your use of the service (such as your Internet Protocol address) to third parties as necessary to provide services on the website or to enforce the Terms of Use.

We may elect to outsource certain technical services to third-party providers as necessary to ensure that you receive the best possible user experience. Authorized personnel at these organizations may be given access to the servers containing user information for the sole purpose of performing technical maintenance tasks.

Legal Requirements

If we receive a subpoena or court order which we believe to be valid and enforceable, we reserve the right to share whatever information we have been ordered to provide.

Data Retention

Your user data may remain on our servers even after you stop visiting the site.

Deletion of User Data

If you do not intend to make further use of Banzai and would like us to permanently delete your user data, send an email with your request to Make sure to include with your request the username you use to login to the website. Upon receiving this request, we will delete your user account and associated data from our servers.

Data Backup

To meet the compliance, security, and data integrity obligations to which we are subject, Banzai periodically creates secure backup copies of user data. These backups are kept for a period of time in accordance with our data retention policies after which they are securely deleted in an automated fashion.


We protect your security by taking appropriate measures to secure your user data we do store. Some of the security measures we've implemented are shown below.

TLS Encryption

When accessing critical parts of the Banzai website, transmissions between your web browser and our servers are encrypted using the Transport Layer Security protocol. Your data will be encrypted using a key up to 256 bits in length (the exact key length is dependent upon your browser).

Data Backup

All user data is backed up at least daily, providing protection in the unlikely event that the server upon which your data resides fails or sustains physical damage. Backups are retained for a period of time to help us recover your data in the event that a system failure is not immediately identified. Banzai stores user data backups in separate data centers from those housing our primary servers.

Intrusion Protection

We have implemented a variety of technical safeguards to minimize the possibility of an unauthorized user gaining remote access to our servers. These measures include, but are not limited to, utilizing a firewall to protect server data, restricting the number of individuals with administrative access to the server and databases, and taking appropriate steps to secure administrative login credentials.

Password Encryption

Your password is stored in our user database in an encrypted format. Even server administrators do not have access to it.

Physical Security

All of our servers are located in secure facilities designed to deter attempts at unauthorized physical access.


All user data, including both the "live" copy present on our servers as well as all backup copies, are encrypted prior to being written to durable storage. In the highly-unlikely event that the physical hardware on which your data resides is compromised, an attacker would not be able to access your information without also having the encryption key.


Please note that this Privacy & Security Policy may change from time to time. We will always post the most up-to-date version of the Policy on our website for you to review.

Contact Information

If you have questions or concerns regarding our Privacy & Security Policy, feel free to contact us via email at or by mail at Banzai Inc., 2230 North University Parkway, Building 14, Provo, Utah 84604-6707, United States.

Last updated on January 29, 2019